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Membership Benefits

The Blockchain Forum of Pakistan (BFP) has a range of membership options designed to encourage collaboration, knowledge exchange and the greater adoption of blockchain. BFP corporate members have exclusive opportunities to promote and share their own projects and blockchain related activities through our platform.

Members will have exclusive access to contribute to policy meetings with Regional and National Representatives.

As an organization, we represent professionals both individually and collectively, working closely with all stakeholders, including members, to lobby for advancement of blockchain technology.

All members have priority access to our local and national events, networking opportunities, priority access to the JBFP, and various other professional development programs.

Student members will have free access to BFP Student Wing events and happenings in their respective institution and other special benefits.

All Corporate members will have their company logo added to the BFP website.

Full membership benefits include:

1. Become a member of one of the most committed Blockchain Community in Pakistan

2. Use our logo on your website (for corporate members of the BFP)

3. Corporate members will have their company logo added to the BFP website home page and we will welcome members through our social media channels including: LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook

4. Opportunity to contribute to the BFP’s national and global activities

5. Assistance on implementing blockchain based projects

6. Discounted access to regional and national events, workshops and conferences

7. Contribute to policy meetings hosted by our Regional and National Representatives

8. Priority access (for blockchain scholars) to the Journal of BFP

9. Become a part of a global community of blockchain developers, influencers, educators, experts, venture capitalists, innovators and technologists

10. Promote your organization, projects and activities through our platform (Corporate members)

11. Share good practices, projects, concepts and ideas with a network of like-minded people

12. Privileged access to contribute to articles and publications in the JBFP

13. Be the first to know the upcoming national and international networking events on blockchain by the forum.

Membership Categories

Student Member:  PKR 1500/Year

(Full time Student / Member of BFP Collaboration partner organizations*)


Individual Full Member:  PKR 6000 /Year

(Full package with complete membership benefits)


Corporate Member – Tier – 1:  PKR 8000/Year

(Corporates with less than 3 (1-2 employees) / Accredited Academic institutions such as a School, College, Training Institute or University / Collaboration partners of one of BFP’s collaboration partners / NGO / Not-For-Profit Organizations

Corporate Member – Tier – 2:  PKR 12000/Year

(Corporate with 3 – 15 employees)


Corporate Member – Tier – 3:  PKR 25000/Year

(Corporate with over 15 employees)


Blockchain Start-ups: 10000/PKR

Startup logo will be displayed on the BFP website for 6 months

  • Free membership to TECH Pakistan registered Business & Corporate
  • First 6 Months Free Member ship to TECH Pakistan registered Entrepreneurs & Professionals.
  • All TECH Pakistan registered Startups will have Full memberships benefits on the cost of Student Member.
  • 50% discount upon recommendation by BFP Executive Board & 25% by Advisory Board
  • 25% of membership fee will be donated towards charitable causes including Children Education programs in underprivileged communities and social causes operating in Pakistan.

By clicking ‘”Join Now” you confirm that you have read the BFP  Code of Ethics, Terms and conditions, and that you understand them, and that you agree to be bound by them.