Blockchain Meetup – Grand Launch of Blockchain Forum of Pakistan – Blockchain Training for Developers.

The Blockchain Forum of Pakistan is setup to accelerate the promotion & adoption of Blockchain Technology in Pakistan.

For the same purpose, We have organized a Blockchain Meetup on 01st August 2018.

1) Grand Launch of Blockchain Forum of Pakistan 
2) Blockchain Training Program for Developers.
3) Amazing speakers from diversified areas and expertise in Blockchain Technology.
Dr. Bilal Hameed, Blockchain in Industry Revolution.(Live)
Dr. Suhail Chughtaii, Healthcare over Blockchain.(Recorded)
Haroon Q. Raja, Blockchain in Cybersecurity. (Live)
Alex Bertlin, Blockchain in Society. (Recorded)

We will create and adopt innovative ideas to tackle big challenges across the Blockchain space by promoting and advancing distributed ledger technologies (DLT).

I am honored & humbled to presented the massive and informative show along with Ahsan Naeem and would like to thankyou the 110 amazing and focused participants ages from 15-73 years, 10 Members of Organizing Team (TECH Pakistan + Blockchain Forum of Pakistan) and NIC Karachi Management Team.

Thanks to Academic delegates from Institute of Business ManagementBahria University – Karachi Campus and CoCIS (PAF-KIET) attended the Blockchain Meetup headed by Mr. Moin, Mr. Engr Syed Rizwan Ali , Dr. Muhammad Khalid Khan and representatives from IBM.

Congrats to all of you and I must say thanks to the huge support and confidence provided by Kanwal Masroor and his Team (Zeeshan RehmanAnushae Shroff and Usama Sheikh).

I would like to say special thanks to Shahjahan Chaudhary to support the flow of disruptive wave around Blockchain Technology in Pakistan through his amazing Silicon Valley and Eye-catching Stylish Venue National Incubation Center, Karachi. Further thanks to supporting partners Business Incubation Center, Bahria University Karachi CampusBahria University – Karachi Campus, BLASEA – Blockchain Associations of EurAsia, Go4 Blockchain and our favorite supporter Ammar Jaffri Blockchain Alliance of Pakistan by PISAattendance through his representative Osaid Raza.

Lets collaborate with each other by adopting best practices and adapting promising Blockchain solutions, Lets unite organizations and individuals from across Pakistan and inspire them to embrace Blockchain Technology. So that the benefits of progressive transformation change are truly realized in the Blockchain landscape.

We believe that Blockchain technology can help us eradicate corruption, add transparency to public affairs, and improve our legal systems making them far more efficient, more secure, and simpler. We envision a future where society and Pakistan’s values of individual freedom, independence, and powerful social security systems are all strengthened. On the other end, commercialized Blockchain innovation in the Industry would also increase the productivity and decrease the operating costs.

Thank you the support, mentoring and motivational kya us. Kapeel Kumar

Lets Start!
Yours Truly. Muhammad Ahsan Khan

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